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history of sestola

history of sestola

The city's name is almost certainly of Roman origin and is due to Sextus, the Roman figure who had been entrusted these lands. The historic center of town is around a spur of rock on which stands the old fortress (or castle). Is a medieval fortress rebuilt in the second half of the '500 but probably much older. Being right in the middle of the Frignano area it used to play an important key role in the control of this strategic territory. The castle is also the subject of the first written documents about Sestola that reached us.

At the time of commons, Sestola became part of the Federal Commons of Frignano, a territory long disputed between Modena and Bologna. Adhering to the lordship of Este, Sestola and the Frignano area, put an end to the conflict and Sestola became the capital of the province of Frignano. The town maintained the title until the early 1800s.

Sestola found itself subsequently isolated from traffic and businesses that took place in the area due to the opening of a new road (Via Giardini), so the fortress was turned into a prison until 1886.

More recently has hosted a meteorological center and a summer institute for children care. Developed the tourism sector the castle now houses art exhibitions and museums.

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